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Companion Animal Services.

At Athboy Veterinary Hospital we provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services for you and your pet.

Consultations and Emergency Care

Our vets are available for appointments from Monday to Saturday. Our appointment times are flexible to accommodate our clients and the urgency of the symptoms. We offer emergency animal care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our dedicated team of vets will strive to make an accurate diagnosis and use the most up to date medicines to treat your pet.


All treatments your pet receives at our hospital are recorded and kept on file. This allows easy retrieval of all past history of your pet’s health and this ensures we are immediately up to speed on how to best treat your pet when it comes in for its appointment.


X-ray and Ultrasound

The hospital has two in house x-ray machines and two ultrasound machines, including a digital xrayultrasound system that allows us to do Doppler studies of the heart valves and assess heart muscle contractility. The X-ray is an invaluable tool in fracture diagnosis, arthritis monitoring, chest and abdominal imaging, bladder stone diagnosis and in many more situations. We have recently begun cardiac screening in the hospital, where we do a series of chest x-rays to assess heart size and an ECG to assess rhythm, when we become suspicious of congestive heart failure in any of our patients. We also offer Hip and Elbow Scoring x-rays. The ultrasound machine allows us to non invasively image the internal organs for signs of disease and make pregnancy diagnoses.


The hospital has an array of blood analysers that give us vital information on your pet’s health. A microscope which we can diagnose the presence of mites and parasites in skin scrapes and the labmicroscopic examination of blood smears can be very useful. We routinely do urine analysis which is a very important diagnostic tool with many conditions such as kidney disease and diabetes revealing themselves in the urine tests. The laboratory has an incubator which we use to do bacteriology tests including antibiotic sensitivity tests which help us decide when appropriate, and which antibiotic is best to treat your pet’s condition.


surgeryThe hospital has a purpose built unit that is dedicated solely to surgery. A wide range of surgeries are routinely performed including neutering, lumpectomies, joint surgeries, eye and ear surgeries and many more. The hospital uses isoflurane the safest gas anaesthetic available. While under anaesthesia the patient is continuously monitored by our veterinary nurse. If there are any specific concerns with your pet prior to surgery we often advise a blood sample to check if all organs especially the liver and kidneys are working properly. We recommend pre-surgical blood panels for older surgical candidates. Any patients that are undergoing prolonged surgery or have specific concerns are put on intravenous fluid therapy.


The hospital uses an ultrasonic descaling machine similar to what you may have experienced in your own dentists. Tartar accumulation is a frequent problem in pets and apart from foul breath it can have serious consequences for your pet’s health. Descaling and tooth extractions are routinely performed.

Hospital Accommodation

We have a range of kennel sizes to ensure all pets enjoy a comfortable stay at the hospital. Our kennels are situated in 3 heated rooms one of which is a particularly quiet smaller kennel room for easily stressed pets such as cats. We have an isolation kennel for very sick patients which are completely separate to our other kennels, which ensures that no inpatient is ever put at any risk of contracting anything during its stay at our hospital. Hygiene and sterility are taken very seriously and all kennels are thoroughly disinfected between patients.


Our shop provides a wide range of pet foods, accessories, flea and worm treatments, shampoos, bowls, beds, toys and treats. We stock a complete range of quality veterinary dog and cat foods. Our vets and veterinary nurse will be very happy to discuss any dietary queries you may have. We offer free weight checks at the hospital.

Pet Insurance

At the hospital we strongly recommend pet insurance. One never knows when your pet has an accident or gets a serious illness and requires expensive surgery and prolonged veterinary care. It is recommended that insurance is taken out when your pet is young and before conditions arise as premiums are less expensive for young animals and if you try to insure your pet with a pre-existing condition that will be excluded from your policy in the future. If interested please feel free to contact our staff who will be happy to give you the information you require. There are three companies offering pet insurance in Ireland.

Micro chipping

This is a permanent identification system for your pet where a microchip is inserted under the skin of the neck or shoulder. This information with your contact details is then held on a national database which ensures that if your pet were to go missing it maximises the chances of your pet being safely returned to you.

Pet passport

We can arrange an EU pet passport for your pet. The Pet Passport is a European Union document that allows you to travel with your pet around Europe and then return to Ireland with your pet once certain conditions have been followed. Please allow at least eight months prior to travel when you wish to get a pet passport. Contact the hospital for further details on obtaining a pet passport.


We offer a cremation service whenever that may be required. Individual cremation is catered for and you can get your pets ashes returned in a range of different caskets. Please enquire from the hospital staff if you require any further information on this service.

Free car parking

We have a large flood lit car park. The hospital is accessed by a long avenue off the road so bringing your pet to our hospital is very safe and should be a stress free event.