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Farming Practice

Our farming practice includes very modern dairy farms,beef cattle units.some smaller traditional farms including those involved in sheep production and also an increasing number of hobby and part time farmers.

Our many modalities include working with the farm client on disease prevention,vaccinations and helping to attain positive Biosecurity with good herd health planning.Disease eradication programmes forms part of this effort.Fertility work is important to maintain quality replacements in every herd and to have high yielding cows producing milk to the best economic advantage of the farm.Mastitis monitoring and control is an ongoing issue.Good production on farms is now essential and we as vets recognise that margins are tight and that our farm owners are under pressure now,more than at any other time before.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year to our regular clients.This is a huge commitment but it has been the tradition of this practice to do so.To help us maintain that effort we welcome support from our farming community,by way of dosing and medical purchases.

Finally in changing times we must all recognise that new threats particularly viral infections such as Foot and Mouth Disease,Blue Tongue,Avian Influenza and others, are never that far away.Vigilance, Farm Biosecurity and Early Intervention will be key to averting disruption to healthy animals and happy farmers