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Genuine Emergencies will be seen as soon as possible

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Equine Clinic
We provide an on farm service 24 hours a day everyday to all registered client's. Emergencies will typically involve attendances to colic's,interventions in severe injury cases such as recent wounds for sutures and haemostasis (control of bleeding). In the stud season typically calls will revolve around foaling complication's of the mare and neonatal care of compromised foals.

Our routine services involve all of the typical breeding mare interventions ie swabs,cultures,blood sampling,irrigation,biopsies,ovarian assessment, pregnancy scanning , AI,markings and microchipping

We offer veterinary services to our local racehorse trainers eg respiratory investigations will typically involve endoscopy and possible lung lavages.Performance investigations will involve blood work,diet and enviromental factors.We routinely refer cases to specialist hospitals for surgeries,remote active ECG'S and treadmill endoscopies

We have many dedicated sport horse owners,breeders and trainers and also a number of hobby owners who also avail of our usual services such as various vaccinations,bloodtests and lameness investigations.

The practice can also offer acupuncture and defined herbal remedies where required.